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Mid West Getaway for Wine Lovers

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If you live in the mid west and enjoy wine, you do not have to go to Napa Valley in California or head to the Italian countryside to savor the flavors, bodies, and aromas of on-location red, white and blush wines. Luckily, western South Dakota is home to several unique wineries, all located in close proximity to one another in the central region of the Black Hills. If a romantic mid west getaway full of locally-grown fruits and grapes is what you are seeking, look no farther than the Central Black Hills.

The northern Black Hills climate is also suitable for the healthy and abundant growth of numerous varieties of grapes. That's not to mention a surplus of flavorful, native fruits that make Black Hills wines uniquely local. Wild plums, apples, buffalo berries, chokecherries, rhubarb, raspberries, and crab apples speckle the landscape of awe-inspiring mountains and thick Ponderosa Pine forests.

Highway 16 provides a scenic roadway that carries you through the center of the Black Hills' wine country. This drive is for avid sightseers who don't mind a little meandering through appealing wilderness and breathtaking rock formations. All in all, it's an ideal way to journey through the beautiful Black Hills region made for perfect romantic weekend getaways.

Black Hills fine wine As you make your way through a variety of interesting Black Hills attractions, keep the following fruitful pit stops in mind:

Naked Winery of the Black Hills

When you're ready to shake things up, head off to the Naked Winery where they dress their grapes up in risqu' labels. Read the fun, and somewhat badly-behaved, wine descriptions that 'aim to tease,' as their tagline promises. While most of their wines are made from grapes of the North West, this is one fun stop with locations near Hill City and Custer. Naked Winery offers several varieties of wine preferences, including reds, whites, pinks, and fruit wines, to make up one of the naughtiest Black Hills attractions.

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Prairie Berry Winery of the Black Hills

Prairie Berry Winery is a family owned and operated facility with a family history of winemaking. With a convenient central location on the outskirts of Hill City, tourists and locals flock all year round to join in celebrating five generations of award winning wines. With 15+ grape, honey, and fruit-infused brands that are offered for both tasting and sale, there's a little something for all tastes at Prairie Berry!

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Stone Faces Winery of the Black Hills

Stone Faces Winery is only a short trip away from your first stop'in fact; it's just down the road from Naked Winery and Prairie Berry! Stone Faces is a newcomer to the Black Hills winery scene'yet in its short time in operation, it's proved its grapes to be a fierce competitor for local and imported tastes. As an added draw, Stone Faces Winery uses distinctive and inventive labels to showcase the flavors, bodies, and aromas to be found inside their bottles. In addition, the winery is housed in a charming little abode that speaks volumes of the location's attraction and appeal.

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Belle Joli' Winery of the Black Hills

According to their website, the Belle Joli' Winery boasts 'South Dakota-made wine' made for wine drinkers.' Owned and operated by Jackson Winery and Vineyards, these delicate tastes are pressed from grapes grown on 20 acres of fertile land on the Belle Fourche River. Once harvested, the raw product is crafted into delicious bottles at the winery in Deadwood, SD. To visit the actual vineyard near Belle Fourche, a reservation must be made. However, the winery location in Deadwood features a tasting room for those merely stopping through for a refreshing glass of white or red to cleanse their palette.

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If you're looking for a romantic mid west getaway, why not surprise your significant other with a wine tasting weekend in the Black Hills? Make your getaway complete with a stay at Crooked Creek Resort in a cozy cabin, perfect for snuggling after a day of sight seeing. Or, for a more outdoor adventure, stay in a tent next to a babbling brook and let the sounds of nature carry you away.

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