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The Center of Your Black Hills Adventure

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If you've found your way to Crooked Creek Resort located just outside of Hill City, South Dakota, you will be excited to know that the Black Hills National Forest is just in your backyard. With perfect placement in the center of the Black Hills, this distinct range occupies the far western portion of South Dakota, and extends slightly over the Wyoming boarder. Deriving their name from the ponderosa pine trees that blanket the mountains, the Black Hills are so called because from a distance, the hills appear very dark in color.

Black Hills View

See the Mountains by RV Truly a beautiful site to see during the summer and all year round, the Black Hills offer many scenic drives that include pull off sites that provide panoramic views of the Black Hills. The area boasts a widely diverse landscape within a short distance. From large granite outcroppings to rolling prairies, the view is constantly changing. Being that the Black Hills are one of the most visited national forests in the country, they have worked hard to preserve the wildlife and ecosystem. Disrupting the ecosystem is a federal crime and park officials have asked visitors to stay away from engaging wildlife and disrupting plant life. There is plenty of wildlife to view and experience from the comfort of your car, or if you prefer a designated trail, so please be aware of the safety of yourself and the wildlife.

Explore the Local Rivers, Lakes & Falls If you've settled into your family campsite at Crooked Creek, why not spend the day hunting down some of the beautiful bodies of water that can be found in the Black Hills? The Black Hills only receives on average about 16 inches of rain every year. Because of the low rainfall amounts, there are many man-made lakes and reservoirs fed by area rivers and streams. Your family will love exploring the nearby falls such as Roughlock Falls in Spearfish Canyon. Many of the lakes offer public beaches, such as Sheridan Lake, Lake Pactola and Legion Lake. As you pass through the mountains on your family RV camping trip, stop and pick up a guide that can help you find these natural beautiful sites.

Family Photo Opportunities We recommend that you take your camera with you whenever you go in the Black Hills. For those that enjoy capturing their memories through the art of photography, the Black Hills are a perfect picturesque backdrop. The natural architecture of trees, wildflowers, streams and wildlife paint a picture that is worth far more than a thousand words. Another photogenic element to the Black Hills is the collection of monuments and tourist attractions. Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, the 1880 Train, Bear Country and Reptile Gardens to just name a few places you will surely want to take some photographs for the memory books.

The amount activities to do on your Black Hills adventure are endless. Conveniently located within reach of Crooked Creek Resort, your family camping adventures await you. Don't miss your chance to take in some of the most breathtaking nature in all of America.

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